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    EUROPE2000 HI-TECH is a new firm founded by Isabella Cataletto in 2013 as an outcome of the very long sales and marketing experience in Hi-Tech solutions in a number of industrial fields, such as Textile, Fashion, Wearable Technologies, Multimedia Technologies for the Fashion, and for the Publishing and Finance industries.

    The professional journey of Isabella Cataletto, as an Italian and European Sales Manager, went through cooperations with important technological Groups, such as, in the beginning of her career with ALKOTEX, afterwards with SCITEX, Israeli worldwide famous company producing the first Textile Design CAD systems and the very first Photoretouching and Editorial systems, and later on with CILAS ALCATEL, SEMA GROUP for telecommunication publishing systems and DUPONT de Nemours, BARCO GRAPHICS, STORK and NEDGRAPHICS for publishing and printing systems both in the Graphic Arts and in the textile industries. In the late '80ies further sales and marketing activities were developed for Internet B2B solutions.

    The activity of EUROPA2000 HI-TECH is aimed nowadays at analyzing market trends and , subsequently, at producing and providing business intelligence information and data. 
    Market surveys are conducted in different market fields, such as the above mentioned ones, so that the possible penetration of specific technologies, mainly Wearable Technologies and Multimedia solutions for the Fashion and Sportswear , can be analyzed and detected.

    A second part of the activity of EUROPA2000 HI-TECH takes places in the Finance industry and is aimed at analyzing the State of the Art of security solutions implemented by banks and financial institutions and in a continuous evolution, in order to prevent cyber attacks to Online Banking users.

    A wide range of market surveys are also conducted in the Finance industry on behalf of a global highly recognised market research institution.